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"After working with Josh, I began a journey that took me across the globe. Josh is your guy!"
- Brionne Davis, Actor

Career Coaching for Actors Teaches You How to...


"You're Ready for Your Big Break!"

Josh Ubaldi

Audition and Biz of Acting Coach

"After working with hundreds of actors from all over the globe, and working as an actor myself, I learned exactly what it takes to get auditions, book jobs, build relationships, and take your acting career to the next level.  Like I say to my students: screw luck and timing, and learn how to create your own opportunties!"

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Students have gone on to Netflix, Showtime, Universal, Cannes... even the Oscars!

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What Makes Build Acting So Different?

Connect Your Acting & Your Marketing to Tell Your Story!

When it comes to growing their acting careers, many actors are so close to their technique and craft they don’t know where to start on the "business stuff". Build Acting helps new and struggling actors understand what the Industry is looking for so they can tell their story, and so that the Industry wants their brand. 

I know how hard it is to get auditions and market yourself clearly, and have helped hundreds of actors at all levels clarify their branding and marketing. And when you clarify your brand, your auditions start working for you, you attract the right agents and managers and you turn total strangers into raging fans of your acting work.

The business of acting skills and strategies you will learn are taught by me, Josh Ubaldi, creator of the Build Acting framework. I became a theater trained actor right after 9/11 in New York City. Just like you, I personally experienced the frustrations, confusion and total overwhelm of trying to put a career together when things that were working for my classmates and friends just weren't working for me. I have studied the strategies and skills that high-performing, successful working actors use consistently and repeatedly to create a system that you can apply to your career and get out of the rut of no acting work and start getting momentum, auditions, bookings and income from acting.

Even better, I've made sure that you can approach the "business stuff" just like your acting itself. Keep it creative, keep it fun, and keep it real. No more "fake it till you make it" necessary. I've worked with actors who are just beginning and still unsure just how the Industry works and what it is asking for of them, right through to actors performing in award-winning and Oscar-nominated films. No question or issue is too small, because those are where the big breakthroughs come. Then come the "big breaks".

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