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1. I love working with actors. 
I love acting: the craft, the passion, the art. Some of my favorite big-name actors: Tom Hardy, Cate Blanchett, Judi Dench, Johnny Depp. And some up-and-comers: Evan Peters, Janelle Monae, Glen Powell, Brenton Thwaites, Michael B. Jordan, Chrissie Metz.

2. I became an actor right after 9/11.
It made a huge impression on me, and reminded me to follow my passion every day. Plus, I lived in New York City at the time, just a mile across the East River from Ground Zero.  It was terrifying. We were all uncertain what the hell was going to happen next. I was working for a non-profit helping to clear landmines at the time with United Nations.
For me, it's always been about making the world better. I knew that my next step was to make the world way better by telling stories through acting.  After a roller coaster of a ride that I loved as an actor, I realized that my next chapter was all about helping other actors tell their stories. Helping actors become better and work more is what I am truly most passionate about today.

3. I am a certified professional coach.
I've spent years studying the mindset and high performance principles of the most successful people in the world. As they say, success leaves clues. My mission is to help you apply all of these principles to your own career to move higher faster. It's possible.

4.  I moved from New York City to Los Angeles after a friend-of-a-friend's tragedy "woke me up".
Back then, I was still pretty clueless as to how to do the "business stuff" for acting that I now teach. So I was making almost my entire living from waiting tables in a restaurant. In fact, I worked for a Top Chef. It was fun, even though he wasn't. That winter, it was terrible in New York, the snow was many feet high. One night, another actor who was working as a waiter got hit by a snowplow walking back to the subway after work, and ended up in intensive care. He had a wife and kid too.
He almost died. Right then and there, I knew I had to make a huge change in my life. I didn't know what to do, but I had to do something. I hope you listen to those calls when they come too. For me, this meant moving to the bigger market of Los Angeles. After only one year in Hollywood, I had made far greater income than I had in NYC in the four previous years put together. Plus, I felt good in California. For me, the right move! 

5. My theater training was a pivotal time in my life.
I trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City. Other proud alumni there include Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Paul Rudd, Kim Cattrall, Robert Redford, Dennis Haysbert, Jennifer Coolidge, and even Lauren Bacall.

6. Before I became an actor, and before I was doing non-profit work with the United Nations, I got a history degree from the University of London. Those were three glorious years living in the UK, and I cherish my time there.
In fact, it was about four times less expensive than the same degree in the states, so I saved major bucks too. What did I do with all that savings?? Well, I went to the theatre every single week and saw every British actor you've ever loved on stage. Plus, I only saw plays, and never once saw a musical until after I returned years later. To my huge joy, it was the Phantom of the Opera, which I love to sing in the shower to everyone else's displeasure.

7. I'm obsessed with tennis. Obsessed!
We are truly fortunate to live during the Golden Age of tennis with Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and of course, Serena Williams. Masters, all of them!

8. I encourage every actor I now work with to do volunteer work.
Nope, I'm not preachy about it, and I don't judge anyone who doesn't want to. However, the one thing I've learned after working with so many actors is that giving to others is the best way to get perspective on your own life and career faster, easier and basically for free. Plus, as an actor, you're so empathetic! The volunteer world needs more of you to impact all the people who are truly less fortunate. This is where I realized that "Screw Luck and Timing" was true.
So many people cannot figure out how to improve their circumstances. But through helping you, I know that you can. Paying it forward is not only good karma, it's also adding to the stories you get to tell.

9. I'm obsessed with beaches and pools and tropical islands.
I must have been a dolphin in another life... Mai tais anyone?!
You'll regularly find me in any of the many tiki bars dotted throughout LA.

10. I became an audition and acting teacher after noticing that so many of you were asking the same questions over and over.
Actors were frustrated and overwhelmed with the huge amount of conflicting and biased information out there.
Most of all, there just wasn't any complete info from another actor's perspective. Marketing gurus and casting directors were telling them what they needed to do, but really had little empathy for what your daily life is actually like. Even worse, too many actors believed that being in acting class was going to get them a huge break - not true! Acting training just cannot give you the business tools to build you're career; they're not designed to. So I had to step in and give you that info. I created a complete system to build an acting career, and it all started there. Today, I help newbie actors find their first agent, and more advanced actors get to Cannes and even the Oscars. You have so much control over your career, it's time to discover it for yourself.


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What Makes Josh Ubaldi So Different?

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When it comes to growing their acting careers, many actors are so close to their technique and craft they don’t know where to start on the "business stuff". Build Acting helps new and struggling actors understand what the Industry is looking for so they can tell their story, and so that the Industry wants their brand. 

I know how hard it is to get auditions and market yourself clearly, and have helped hundreds of actors at all levels clarify their branding and marketing. And when you clarify your brand, your auditions start working for you, you attract the right agents and managers and you turn total strangers into raging fans of your acting work.

The business of acting skills and strategies you will learn are taught by me, Josh Ubaldi, creator of the Build Acting framework. I became a theater trained actor right after 9/11 in New York City. Just like you, I personally experienced the frustrations, confusion and total overwhelm of trying to put a career together when things that were working for my classmates and friends just weren't working for me. I have studied the strategies and skills that high-performing, successful working actors use consistently and repeatedly to create a system that you can apply to your career and get out of the rut of no acting work and start getting momentum, auditions, bookings and income from acting.

Even better, I've made sure that you can approach the "business stuff" just like your acting itself. Keep it creative, keep it fun, and keep it real. No more "fake it till you make it" necessary. I've worked with actors who are just beginning and still unsure just how the Industry works and what it is asking for of them, right through to actors performing in award-winning and Oscar-nominated films. No question or issue is too small, because those are where the big breakthroughs come. Then come the "big breaks".