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“How do I get a great agent, who will get me into the best audition rooms?”

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I get, and love to help actors with.

 It’s a loaded question. It has a two-part answer.

First, specific, detailed strategies will get you the right agent for the level you’re at right now. You’ll hear about those soon.

Yet far more important is the right timing for you to find an appropriate agent.

It boils down to a simple “If-Then” situation.

It might look like this:

If you have several, consistent major credits as a) co-star or above for TV, or b) supporting or above for film… then an agent will be able to help you work more at your own level, and just possibly bump you up to the next (e.g. co-star to guest star).

This is a good time to remind you that an agent’s primary role is to negotiate. A connected, responsible agent will negotiate better terms for your deals. They will also negotiate you into the audition room. That is also a process, based on relationships.

A key role of the agent is to reduce risk to the production. This is why most good agents won’t consider an actor without significant credits. Because you’re just not tried and tested enough to not be a risk on set.

In other words, will you deliver without fail?

Here’s another:

If you do not yet have tried-and-true credits… then you have an opportunity to develop casting relationships directly, and build your resume and relationships.

The biggest agent mistake I see non-working actors make, is seeking an agent too soon before they’re ready for one.

ari-gold-paintball-gunYou certainly have the option to seek a more humble agent who might get you some auditions, but not especially access to the rooms that you expect they should.

You need to know in advance that your options have limits based on the relationship between an agent and casting directors and producers.


If you build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with strategically targeted casting professionals… then you will start to be known, liked and trusted, and earn those auditions for yourself.

A quality agent can then start to work wonders… once you’re ready!

If you already have major credits, then you’re ready for a great agent to get you comparable credits, and possibly better ones. However, if you have no significant credits, then you must focus and work to build solid, long-term relationships to get those credits. That’s not to say that a humbler agent cannot get you some auditions you otherwise would not. But without those relationships, you will make everyone’s job – your agent and yours – be doubly hard.

This is wonderful news!

We’re basically putting the control and power back into your hands. Take that in for a second! This puts you head and shoulders above the majority of actors who are waiting for their break.

Are you ready for a quality agent who will get you into the rooms you’re looking for? If not, then we’re going to strategize you to that next level.

Leave me a comment or question below.

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