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Have you ever wondered why it feels like things take so long? ┬áDo you feel passive, like you’re always waiting? Or worse, have you ever felt like a victim, or a pawn in someone else’s game.

This is a sign that you need to exercise your leadership skills more. Because everything I mentioned above is not necessary.

You lead your team. It’s a choice you actively make.

Too many actors are terrified of their agents, or reaching out to their fanbase.

Truth is, in addition to being a talented actor, and a budding Business of Acting master, you also have one more role to play: Leader.

It’s absolutely vital that you lead your acting team so that everyone is working in unison. Being in sync matters to create momentum.The sooner you step up to lead your acting team, the faster you get to make those quantum leaps for your career.

Check out this video to get a specific strategy to start leading your team toward ONE COMMON GOAL.

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