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Ah… “Showbiz!”

How glamorous it always sounds to those folks who don’t know what it’s really like: hauling your butt to auditions, waking up at 4am for 5.30am call times, and waiting around on set all day to film 30 minutes of often confused scenes.

Where are the Hollywood agents in all of this workaday chaos?

Don’t worry. The higher up the food chain, it gets more organized.

There is an extensive club of very high power players who manage, promote and agent the careers of all of Hollywood’s elite.

The agent of all agents

The agent of all agents

Below you’ll find links to some serious power players. These are primarily Hollywood based. The same is nonetheless true in your local market if you’re further afield or across an ocean.

These power players make sure that you work on better projects, keep more of the money you earn on set and through residuals, and ensure that you start getting to celebrate with your peers for high-caliber performances.

The world of red carpets and celebrations can be right around the corner for you. It has been for some of my clients – check one story out here. Though you don’t always need a high powered agent to get there!

Start to gain familiarity with the Who’s Who of the Industry, whichever market you’re in.

Don’t feel too bad if you don’t recognize any of these name… yet. The folks listed here are often outside of your daily scope if you’re not in leading or major supporting roles. Nevertheless, if you’ve been with me for any time at all, you know that you’ve got to have your own master personal master list of agents (and casting directors).

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Start to insert yourself in the picture of who you’re reading about. What might interest them about you? How are you aligned with their mission or personality?

If just reading through the list of high achievements doesn’t get your juices flowing, then you may be flatlining!

Get in the game. Time to play!

The Top Hollywood Agencies

The Up-and-Coming Movers and Shakers

The Top Lawyers

The Revolutionary Power Duo

The Top Hard-Hitting Ladies


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