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You don’t have to “Fake It Till You Make It.” It’s time to build directly on the last post.

You know how easy it is to get insular when thinking about your acting career. “What are other actors doing?” you wonder. “What’s working, and what isn’t?”

Some cross-genre comparisons can really help you out. Sports is one, music is another.

Case in point: Adele. You can’t possibly like Adele – you’d be crazy not to LOVE Adele. Okay, okay, you don’t have to like her music or personality, but you do have to love her spirit and business savvy.

Adele released a short video on Youtube about her current tour. She’s sick. She can’t sing. She’s apologizing for some logistics, but making it clear that her brand and value need to come first.

So let’s drink in why this video can change your career.

Because it’s REAL. It’s HONEST.

Some might even call it ugly. Some might call it over the top. Some might say they would never appear like this. But this is precisely what you can do better if you want to be part of the conversation!

You gotta get real, and more importantly stay real to yourself.

I got a message just today from an actor who was so frustrated that casting directors tell him “they want you to play a role, then tell you that it’s not what they wanted.” What gives?!

Well, it’s counter-intuitive. That’s the truth.

They want you. They want you, saying the lines. Especially at first before they trust your skills on set. For them, that’s the role. They want a simple match. They don’t want you to become unrecognizable. They want the very essence of you instead.

And that is exactly what Adele does so well. She always gives you herself! Good, bad, ugly.

I had the huge pleasure of seeing her here in Los Angeles recently. She chattered away, practically doing stand-up throughout the show. Why? Cause she’s a self-described chatty Cathy. It’s her.

At one point, sitting with her legs splayed wide, she snorted… “Well, I am not a lady!”

That’s not who she is.

We know who she is. We know how she feels, and we are drawn into her world because we connect with her.

Whether you like her music or not, you cannot deny it: She’s generous, she’s giving, she’s concerned. She’s connected. Cultivate each of those characteristics in yourself daily, as your truest self. That’s exactly what all these entertainment people want.

That’s what the Industry wants of you. They want to know you, to see you and hear you and understand you. They want you while you say the lines of a character who just happens not to be you. It’s magic. Alchemy.

Click here to see Adele in action, all snotty and real.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you concerns you have about getting more real. I know there are concerns. I know there is fear there. It’s okay. The “shoulds” inside your head will complicate things unnecessarily! Reply below…


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