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This is best week for you to powerfully wrap up 2015 for your acting business.

I guess it’s as good a time as any to ask how you treat your acting career as a business. What’s your self-score on a scale of 1-10?

Are you at the 1-3 area, where you’re throwing some marketing out there, trying to get some auditions, and “see what happens?”

Or are you in the 4-6 area. Here you might do some workshops, try to get an agent, and you’re spending a lot more money, but not getting so many results.

How about in the 7-9 level? You might have some long-term relationships falling into place. You might get called in for major auditions. But are you making a profit as an actor? Careful: not income, but profit? Do you know exactly how and where you’re spending your money and what your ROI is?

I almost never meet actors who operate at a 10. Here, you have strategies and a multi-year plan that you’re implementing and making progress in. You know how to repeat your results, you know how to build a team and publicize yourself, and get support when you need it.

This is the level I attempt to get most actors to when we work together. It’s usually mind-blowing when they consider all they’ve never considered that can move them forward, and help them make a living as an actor.

It’s not about the short-term and just getting auditions, though they do lots of that too.

To ensure that you are as strategic as possible in 2016, let’s take some stock of 2015.

If you don’t know where you’re coming from, you probably can’t imagine where you’re really going…

Check out this video to ask the questions that ultimately get results.

We’ll talk about 2016 soon, but for now, go ahead and celebrate 2015!

Leave a comment below about what you achieved in 2015, and what’s next for you in 2016.

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Sharing is caring!