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How do you capitalize on film festivals to zoom your acting career to the next level?

Has this thought even crossed your mind before? If you’re like most non-working actors, then film festivals are just a faraway idea for filmmakers and actors who’ve already “made it.”

Come on, cosying up with a beer in a snowy Sundance bar next to Chris Evans and Steven Spielberg – it’s so far-fetched! Or is it?!?

It doesn’t have to be.

One client of mine did just that, and he wasn’t so different from you. And now, he works consistently on film and television. His work even brought him to the Oscars.

You don’t have to wait for your film projects to bring you to Cannes or Berlin or Venice to make the most of film festivals.

You can start right now from the comfort of your chair and internet. Please do!

Don’t wait. Too much great stuff if happening all the time, so get in on the action!

Once you have a system and strategy in place for self-submitting and getting auditions, it’s time to add Film Festival Follow-up (FFF) into your repertoire.

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FFF is going to ensure that you’re aware of, and getting on the radar of cutting edge and well-established casting offices, producers and directors.

film festivals

Film Festivals Community

Plus it’s fun!

Start to pay deep attention to how these little communities of actors and artists come together for a few days or a week to delve deep into the quality of their work.

It makes the 4 hour extravaganza of the Oscars ceremony pale in comparison.

Film festivals bring the cream of the crop together for what is great now. Often the best films will travel from festival to festival scooping up the top awards or nominations across the world.

And they’re a great indicator of who will dominate Oscar and Golden Globe film interest.

You need to start connecting intensively – and with a strategy already in place – with the teams that have gotten their highest-quality products to these festivals for your FFF.

As an actor who is ready to break out, you don’t have to be “the best,” or the “most unique.” You simply have to resonate. You need to be yourself, share your truest interests, and align yourself with any and all members of these teams.

Film Festivals

The coolest of all film festivals in a fab town

Pay attention to which casting offices tend to dominate which festival entries year after year.

Keep track of topical films that pique your curiosity and find out more about their writers and producers.

Which fresh directors are getting more attention than ever before.

Reach out and make that connection. Social media has never made this easier. So get tweeting and Facebook following immediately. Start thinking in terms of teams, and how you can lead your team. Read more about that here: Lead Your Acting Team

Til then, check out these great listings of the top film festivals for you to follow:

Cannes Film Festival

If you’re in a decidedly far-flung market, always count on Wiki for some great continental sorting:

Film festivals by continent

For some of the less mainstream festivals:

Especially for content self-producers:

Leave a comment below and let me know which film festivals make it to your target list!

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