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You need a fast, effective tool to grow your acting business. Your marketing basics and limited social media presence aren’t cutting it.

You keep learning too many business of acting lessons the hard way. Enough is enough.

I should know, I’ve been there. I fought the ‘get auditions’ dragon, and now I help others win both the battles and the war.

All good business is about making fast, decisive decisions. This is just as true for your acting business as it is about Google’s next product launch or Starbucks’ annual marketing plan. When in doubt, the numbers never lie.

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Consider how long it took to get your last headshots taken, or even choose a photographer.

Or how about booking your next round of casting director workshops? Or updating your marketing and reaching out to your fans?

I guarantee for at least one if not all of the above, you took a very long time to decide at least one element, and it took weeks if not months to finish once you conceived the idea. (And hey, if it didn’t, congratulations, because you’re in the minority. But you’re still not off the hook if you’re not getting results!)

Most actors procrastinate about something.

Or worse, they focus on being hyper efficient in their many activities, but rarely focus on staying effective.

If each activity does not get you closer to your goals, you are spinning your wheels just like everyone else.

That will not get you the exposure that you want to grow your business.

It’s time to get decisive and hop up to the next level. You deserve that! And if you’re a new actor, get into the habit of figuring something out, making your decision fast, and acting on it. It can be that easy.




First, you must be honest. Brutally honest. Joyfully honest. Honesty is your clearest guide.

Decide which of your activities get you closer to your goals. Until you give yourself time and space to do this, you will spin your wheels like most non-working actors. Boo.

Second, if it feels important to do, just do it. NOW! Stop waiting for permission to do things, and just DO THEM.

Give yourself permission. Or call me, and I will give you permission. Get lots of balls up in the air and see which ones turn into fireworks! I see actors make marketing plans and then weeks turn into months and NOTHING HAPPENS. This is not a pro move, this is amateur.


And here’s a magical little secret: Everything can be fixed.

Unless you are malicious and your heart is made of blackest death, people will realize that you will make the odd mistake.

Apologize, beg for forgiveness, and then fix it. Everything can be fixed.

Make it a win-win as often as you can. Once you’ve learned your lesson, you will definitely be about 90% ahead of the other actors who didn’t bother to take action.

If you’re unsure which actions to take, then it’s time to clarify your strategies and send me an email. Until then, have fun, make a mess, fix everything better, and create a wonderful career!

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