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The true story of success is always more complex than an interview or brief About statement ever says.

Think of the block of credits in a theatre playbill. Those credits do no justice to the years of hard work that created that Greatest Hits list.

Sometimes you just need a great graphic image to tell the true story of success:


Glacier of Success


See all the water around it? Don’t think that’s lost on me!

It can feel like your an island unto yourself, doing everything alone… Luckily, I’m the huge piece of land beyond this iceberg that you can’t see, that is keeping you moored and stable.

How does looking at this image make you feel?

Seeing that little sliver of visible success at the top, what hits you as you are fully aware of the true foundation for success?

I love that there are a few positive terms thrown in there: Action, Courage, Persistence.

But man, the rest are heavy, aren’t they? It all sounds so negative and intense: Risk, Struggle, Failure. Criticism, Rejection, Sacrifice. Certainly, it sounds hard.

Actors always say to me: “This business is hard.” In fact, any kind of success is hard.

A lot goes into it. While some things may happen more easily than others, making those happen is not always easy.

Overnight Success Rarely Happens Overnight

In our industry, this image captures many profound truths.

How many people talk about ‘overnight success’, and finding a big break ‘so soon’?

But on the ground, in the regular day-to-day activities of becoming a powerful working actor, don’t all the tribulations feel more true than that tiny sliver of success?

The more important question: Do you have strategies and tactics to endure all of the challenges you see in the picture? Is your mindset and mental strength setting you up for success?

We’re going to ensure that it is every day.

With solid, well-executed Business of Acting strategies, you can make sure that more of the iceberg is breaking the surface. Let the successes be bigger, the relationships more joyful and effective, and the work more rewarding!


And on a purely joyful note, check out this amazing crowd! Can you see yourself among them? WHERE?

How willing are you to take the manageable but many steps to be among this small, elite crowd?

Your Business of Acting: keep it simple, just take the steps.





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