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Becoming an actor in the digital age means that new opportunities like never before are available to you. There’s plenty to be excited about! Your excitement is key. I hear so often “This business is hard,” because there is no one, repeatable path to success. You may spend far too much time second guessing your choices or instincts, and making false assumptions about how things work in the Industry. I’m here to tell you, there’s another way.

This is Acting 2.0!

The 20th century for the acting profession is long gone, but it still lingers large for non-working actors. That may be you if you’re throwing spaghetti against the wall, seeing what sticks. Sure, we still have mega-studios and mega-blockbusters, but the terrain of what people watch and how it’s developed has changed.

Netflix, Amazon and Hulu get new deals regularly for independently produced series. HBO and Showtime have been going strong for almost two decades with fantastic, unique programming. Youtube channels and PPV are burgeoning bigger than ever. The opportunities shift and abound in huge ways.

So What’s Changing for Actors?

Something immense has become available for actors: control and power, like never before.

Strategic actors  build their brand immediately. The true go-getters produce their own content lightning fast. Though I don’t think it’s an absolute necessity, it certainly can make a big impact. And if you can negotiate some dollars your way, those negotiation skills will serve your long-term business needs as well as get you the exposure you’re seeking. But this is all just icing.

Here’s the cake: you have access and a new-found ability to focus on your business building skills like never before.

I provide business strategies to actors who get more auditions, create more opportunities, and meet infinitely more people than their counterparts who are not taking advantage of what is now available. And the best part: they then know how to leverage those relationships, provide fantastic service, and create win-win scenarios for everyone involved.

When you start to use these strategies for branding, casting and team-building, you find yourself leaps and bounds ahead of your peers. They’re busy hoping and praying that their acting classes alone pay off, especially when they don’t have significant, heavy-weight credits to work with.

You also have to avoid the huge trap. Non-working actors still obsess with only being in class. They act as if that is the only option available to them to be proactive. This is even more crazy when you consider that actors are willing to pay serious amounts of money each month for a service that, on its own, is limited in its ability to deliver a good ROI (return on investment).

For the record, don’t get me wrong: I love acting coaches and studios! You need to keep your craft sharp as sword in battle. But it can never be enough on its own. This bear repeating: it isn’t enough on its own now!

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Simple, Creative Business Skills Zoom You to the Next Level

Without some basic, engaging creatively-driven business skills to move your career and business forward, you will not move forward strategically.

That’s the rub. You might have a lucky hit here or there, but it is not something that you can rely on or actively create more of in a structured way.

Until you give yourself the opportunity to fully build a business that has solid craft and business foundations, you will operate on luck and hope.

That’s not a plan to have a long-term career or business. Businesses that rely on luck and hope fail. Full stop. The numbers do not lie.

Instead of luck and hope, what would it be like to dynamically run a business, lead a power team, create regular income and profit, as well as the finer points of marketing and auditioning??

Until you give yourself the space and time to really ask and answer this question for yourself, you will not move forward in a sustainable way.

How much longer do you want to stay in a for-money-job that you have no long-term interest in? Let’s get serious, look at the numbers, and make some better decisions. That’s a 21st century actor’s opportunity!


I have no time to sacrifice working with actors who are not committed to taking the simple, clear business steps to get the work you want, and receive a payoff for your investment.

If you are paying up to $300 a month, if not more, for class and you’ve gone 6 months to a year without real, significant auditions or roles that are a stepping stone for exactly what you want, then you, like the thousands of other actors in your market, are wasting your money far more than you realize…

It’s time to invest in yourself in a different way that has a different, better payoff.

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How to Start Making Strategic Decisions

Many, if not most, non-working actors do not yet make completely clear, thoughtful, fully strategic decisions.

Instead, they think and operate like gamblers. And we all know that gamblers lose in the end.

This is really the reason why most non-actor civilians have a poor view of the acting profession, no matter how much they fantasize over the celebrity lifestyle. Even professional gamblers factor losing heavily into their income formulas, because the house always wins.

Don’t be a gambler. You’re going to be way better than that!

And regarding money and finances, some basic math sheets will tell you the stark reality of what is required to run a profitable acting business. A very simple set of equations allow you to finally focus on the profit-generating mindset and activities to get you the work you deserve.

And what about the long-term? How are you going to fully leverage the significant acting income – when it finally comes – to last you longer than a few great toys and paying off bills and debt? Are you set up to manage that?

When I do live workshops and ask these questions, most actors look at me helplessly. Because they’re thinking only about the shortest term scenario to pay their next bill. This is a mindset for long-term failure that I’m committed to helping you avoid.

If your dream is to make your primary living and income from acting in London or Los Angeles, Sydney or South Africa, or wherever your major market is, the I will support you to make the most powerful long-term decisions.

Progressive, powerful business of acting systems will give you far more long-term skills, success and payoff than leaving everything up to your agent who never calls you back and something as random as Fate.

Businesses like Starbucks, Apple, Johnny Depp and Jennifer Aniston – believe me, these last two operate as fully-functioning businesses! – do not function on Fate alone. They are strategic businesses.

You Deserve More Control and Responsibility for Your Career

Here’s the horcrux of the matter: Control over your acting career all comes down to responsibility.

You get to acknowledge something powerful: No one else cares about your acting business as much as you do.

You are done telling yourself draining stories and sharing “war wounds” while staying at the same level year after year.

You are, or will become, wholly responsible for your goals, successes and actions.

And you will reap greater rewards for that!

You want a profitable, functional career so much that you are ready to invest in yourself and put in the time and focus to make it happen. You make Luck and money work for you, not the other way around…

When you invest in yourself like never before and fully expect to create the career of your dreams, then you’ll know you’re serious about a long-term career as an actor.

Until then, you might just stay in class, have once-weekly fun acting, hope your agent calls, and spend year after year in your day job wondering how the time just floated by when you had so many lost opportunities. Because the opportunities were there. You just may not have known how to grab them by the horns.

Sound familiar? Acting class is a fantastic tool and resource, but it cannot be the only tool in your toolbox to get you income-creating jobs that lead to more jobs.

The Industry is shifting with new technology and opportunities, and now it’s your turn to do the same.

Are you ready to release the mindset of simple hope, and step into dynamic action? This will be a fun, exciting process. You look great on camera. Now is your time. So grab it!


  • Look at your bank statements and itemize how much you have spent on acting and other craft-based classes over the past: 6 months, 1 year, 2 year and 3 years. [If you have been consistently in class longer than five years, you need to call me immediately to get you working professionally at a far higher level.] This can be a scary process when you look the numbers straight in the face. But never forget: the numbers don’t lie.
  • For the same periods of time, itemize how much INCOME you have made as an actor. Not income through any of your support jobs, but solely as an actor, in whatever capacity.
  • Compare the two numbers. How much have you spent compared to how much you made? What is your ROI (return on investment)? Bear in mind that this is NOT PROFIT, but solely income. They are completely different. Interesting reality, right?

Reach out to me today to create more opportunities, more work, and more income. It’s time to ensure that you become a profitable acting business venture.

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