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Your largest problem is not getting enough quality auditions or building meaningful relationships with casting decision-makers.

The short-term problems change around – “what’s next?” “what will move me fastest?” “which of these options is more important?” –  but the long-term ones are around access, connections and not knowing how to move forward fastest and easiest.

Sound familiar? If so, consider this:

You Can Expand Beyond Your Current Problems

I was recently walking down the stairs of an open air parking structure in Hollywood. I suddenly stopped in my tracks. Looking straight over all the nearby rooftops, I had an unobstructed view of the Hollywood Hills and the farther San Gabriel Mountains off in the distance. It was a glorious day, and I felt completely aware in that moment.

Suddenly, the solution to a business puzzle I’d been working on all morning slapped me right across the face. It seemed so simple. Had I really taken hours mulling options over to come to this simple conclusion?

At that moment, I was reminded of the Einstein quote: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”


I had been attempting for many hours to attack my problem at the exact same level of the problem itself.

Let me put it this way: My focus was still completely on the problem, and possible solutions.

Once I had loosened myself from that focus, I could focus on what I fully, wholly wanted. A solution literally presented itself to me in the most graceful, elegant, and effortless way.

The key is always in expanding your thinking to a level that is beyond the level of your problem.

This strategy is exactly how I help you break your patterns of being stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated.

Insanity = Do The Same Thing + Expect a Different Result

You never want to end up like too many non-working actors: the embodiment of the definition of insanity. When you do the same thing over and over, expecting a different result, you’ll go insane.

Big distinction here: some of the changes that get you better, bigger results come with strategic, subtle tweaks. You don’t necessarily need to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Though I guarantee you, it’s possibly you might need to if you’re overwhelmed by conflicting advice and using outmoded techniques to get auditions.

One actress who recently was beating herself up to me for not accomplishing everything on her to-do list. Her to-do list was about efficiency, not effectiveness. Get it?

She was focusing on efficiently accomplishing a to do list for actions that did not especially move her forward! Effective actions have a more direct impact on moving you closer to your goals. Efficiency can distract you from effectiveness.

Efficiency is primarily an employee-mindset problem. Effectiveness is a necessity of business-owner mindset, or you go out of business.

We created a solution that effectively side-stepped that problem. We took a step back, and clarified her goals. We refined her mission so that each action was aligned with her long-term vision. I cannot overstate this. This separates you from the pack!

Sure, we uncovered a series of conflicts and limiting beliefs that she held on to in the course of it too. A lot of overwhelm and frustration disappeared for her.

Not surprisingly, there also came a flood of auditions for jobs she’d never had the opportunity to audition for. She was able to reach her next level. For her, this was leading roles in independent films. She got access that she never had before. That’s big business.

You don’t have to be the rule of insanity here.

You don’t have to “play by the book.” You don’t have to do everything perfectly and orderly. Crucially, you must not expect to be rewarded for your impeccable behavior, because that is passive. It’s employee-mindset driven, not business owner minded.

It’s time to expand.

When You Stop Trying to Just Book Jobs

My clients start getting the results they want, start constructing a long-term career with their work – and stop trying to just book jobs. They focus on something completely different. We can find out what that is for you too.

Theory2They continue to expand to a level that is above their problems.

Of course these problems can be solved. Not always overnight, but potentially years faster than letting everything happen by chance and playing too small.

Anyone in business will confirm that you will never be problem-free. But you must always strive to create better quality problems!

Shoot for the best problems imaginable, not the ones that are limited to “how to get a call back.” Though, we’ll make sure you set yourself up for that too.

No longer allow yourself to chase your tail, going in circles, making no long-term progress that is measurable.

Believe me, the days become weeks, then months, then years, and you find that you’ve barely moved an inch. You deserve way more than that if you’re really in it to win it.


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