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“How do I get more control over my acting career?”

This is such a common question I hear, and I love hearing it.

It means that you’re ready for a whole new level of action, responsibility and options becoming available to you.

Have you spent months or years fumbling around and getting nowhere, or at least well short of your original goals? It takes newcomers years to learn the basics when they don’t seek out strategies early on. I want to save you time, money and opportunities!

The truth is: it is possible. You’re here readying this, so you’re getting ready.

You know that this is a new century for actors, and you can have more control over your career than ever before.

The #1 Trap of Non-Working Actors

Want to know the #1 trap that most non-working actors fall into? Acting like employees instead of business owners.


It’s the #1 reason holding you back from achieving better results, namely auditions, jobs and acting.

Most of us are raised to put ourselves on a career path that usually emphasizes security. Mostly, people tend to seek jobs that fulfill financial needs, benefits like health insurance, and getting some decent vacation time.

People focus on this level of attainment, and that’s ok. However, most of this is about working for someone else, and expecting someone else to give us a paycheck. It’s an employee mindset.

And it doesn’t work at all well for actors; this is when the struggle begins.

It’s not enough when you need to create the circumstances for bigger success. The majority of us are not raised by business owners and entrepreneurs who naturally encourage us to try new things, create new systems, and get bigger, longer-term rewards like passive income and plenty of free time.

But as an actor who creates success and opportunities, this is exactly what is required of you. I’m here to tell you loudly and clearly that once you step into the “business owner’s shoes”, you’re going to find a huge amount of control.

As an actor, you probably haven’t been clearly told yet that you’re starting a business for yourself. But you are.

What Is Being An Actor Exactly Like?

Most actors treat acting training like going to college or university: you acquire a skill that someone else is going to pay you for.

But that model can’t work for you, because there’s a huge amount of supply for low demand in your field. You aren’t just given weekly paychecks for some acting work. But you know that already.

What you don’t know yet is that acting training is far more like medical school than college, to give you a simple “normal job” example.

When doctors leave school, they go through long internship programs, working far more hours in their field of training than actors. At least they work those extensive hours in a very short, condensed period of time. Actors could learn from this!

Afterwards, for the most part, they enter practice for themselves. That is, most start their own businesses.

They market their services, they get constant referrals through excellent service, and their practice grows till they have too many patients and make great income for themselves. That’s kind of like the role of the actor, that’s kind of like celebrity status: there’s huge demand for your service and people like something specific about your skills and personality.

This is exactly what my clients create with me: a specific, simple and effective business structure where they find infinite more control.

When you are the business owner, you aren’t just in control – you have to be in control, or everything will fail, especially your income.

Taking Control as a Business Owner

You start to take responsibility for yourself completely. Really, responsibility is just another word for control. You don’t’ give your agent or manager all of the responsibility. You take it yourself and lead your team.

For actors, this simply becomes controlling some key features: your mindset, mission and vision, your sales and marketing, your business, legal and tax formulas, and your measuring and tracking.


That last bit is the real difference between employee-minded actors and business-owning actors: whoever measures their progress best can go farther, faster that the rest of the pack.

You make better, stronger decisions, because the numbers tell you where to put your focus.

It actually gets quite simple, the more you exercise your business muscles.

So stop acting like an employee.

Stop just doing what people tell you to do in an effort for them to give you a paycheck.

Become your best “business owner” self, and create more opportunities for yourself.

A little secret: It’s actually far more fun than passively waiting for people to give you jobs because you were a good employee and delivered a good acting performance. I’d rather you have more fun while taking more control. No need to stress out.

Take full control of your business, and see what happens!

Business owners meet more leaders, decision makers and magnates, because they are also the leaders and decision makers for their own businesses.

Become an equal, and play with the big boys. Now, doesn’t that sound like fun?


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