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I’d like for us to pay homage to Garry Marshall. He was an Industry giant who died at age 81. He can also impact your acting career.

If you haven’t heard of him, he directed a few humble movies, such as Pretty Woman, Beaches, Princess Diaries.

Still not ringing a bell?

He also wrote and directed iconic TV shows from the early 80s, such as Mork and Mindy, Laverne and Shirley and Happy Days. Heck, at the start of his career he even worked with Lucille Ball … I Love Lucy!

Anne Hathaway, Rob Lowe, Julia Roberts, Sarah Paulson, Henry Winkler, Alyssa Milano, John Stamos all credit him with making massive impact to their careers.

Garry and AnneHe was an Industry titan who didn’t start as a titan. He started as a writer.

Marshall was a jobbing writer right from the 1960s into the late 1970s. This is where it gets interesting for you.

Within the Industry, people shift careers.

Writers become producers. They also become directors. They become show runners.The assistant writer and intern often become the lead writer in a couple short seasons.

As much as you might be hyper focused on casting directors and agents, it’s hugely important to identify and focus on these up-and-comers.

Not every writer will become an iconic director, but they may become an Emmy and Oscar-winning writer. They may write parts just for you.

Garry JuliaHere are the game-changing questions:

With social media, who are you following? Who are you connecting to? Who is responding back to you?

Who are you starting a meaningful relationship with?

It may not have immediate payoff with instant casting, but once you get on set, those writers pay attention to who is honoring and even improving their lines.

Some day they may become the producers who choose your audition from the casting director’s recorded auditions.

Pay attention to not only whose work you love, but where you fit into that work.

Garry Marshall had the most unlikely stars paying tribute to him for propelling their career’s forward. He gave so many actors that game-changing break. Which writer can do the same for you?

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